Leak reveals Tesla Model S variant

Leak reveals Tesla Model S variant

Tesla offers performance-oriented versions of all its vehicles, and its two most expensive models get ultra-hot Plaid variants. Though they make the EVs much quicker, Tesla doesn’t generally make significant changes to styling elements with the upgrade to the hotter models. Rumors have pointed to that changing, as we recently learned about new sport seats for the Model 3 Performance, and now the Model S looks to be getting a similar option.

Reddit user u/S3pirion posted leaked images from Tesla’s new service manual for the Model S, including a diagram of removing and replacing the seats in the car. The images’ presence in the service manual suggests that the upgrade might be available as an after-purchase option, though we don’t have any official word on that yet.

The second image u/S3pirion shared is a partial shot of the seat itself. It’s different from the Model S Plaid’s current buckets, with a longer headrest and new shape. A cutout below the headrest has what appears to be a stretched Plaid logo. The seat also looks to have updated upholstery, which, even for the expensive Model S Plaid, means synthetic leather. Heating and ventilation will also be standard.

Tesla generally uses software to gatekeep features for its cars, with more expensive models having more features unlocked. Some have figured out how to bypass the restrictions to access the features, but there’s obviously no way to do that with seats.

Tesla hasn’t hinted at or confirmed any details about the new seats, and its lack of a PR department means there’s no easy way to nail down information. We could see the buckets in a future update of the Model S and Model S Plaid, but another keen-eyed internet user discovered that the new Model 3 will also be available with sport seats, leaving the Model Y as the only vehicle without a rumored upgrade.

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