Tesla Cybertruck everything we know

Tesla Cybertruck everything we know

The Tesla Cybertruck might well be one of the most anticipated cars of the decade. This, of course, is partly because it is cool, but also since it has been teased countless times now. Its production delay has ended up making everyone even more excited for its release. In fact, Tesla engineers have been Testing the Cybertruck on public roads, but they have barely made any effort to camouflage the vehicle. Some test mules have been spotted driving around normally, which makes its actual release feel even more real.

Real it is, since the moment many have been waiting for is here, the first Tesla Cybertruck has arrived at Giga Texas. After installing and testing all the new equipment at the Texas factory, the first-ever Cybertruck to come out of it is official. So, with production so close, let’s have a look at what has changed and what has remained for the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck Will Be Offered With One, Two, Or Three Motor Options

Well, there is a chance that the information that follows isn’t completely up to date, but it is the information displayed on Tesla’s website; therefore, it is the best source available. The Cybertruck is expected to come in three configurations. Single-motor, dual-motor, and tri-motor. The three different options will provide 250, 300, and 500 miles of range respectively. Of course, the tri-motor variant will be the most powerful version of the Cybertruck and should be able to hit 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Since this is an EV and torque comes instantly, the single motor package doesn’t seem slow either, as it can hit 60 in a much more normal but still brisk 6.5 seconds. Regardless of the drivetrain, all Cybertrucks have a ground clearance rating of roughly 16 inches, an approach angle of 33 degrees, and a departure angle of 28 degrees. As most electric pickups have, the Cybertruck offers power outlets in the bed that can offer power to tools in the 110-220 volt range. Of course, they can also power other devices like camping heaters and lights.

The Key Specifications of Tesla Cybertruck

Feature Details
Release Date Expected in late 2023
Range 250-500 miles
Drivetrain Single, Dual, and Tri-motor
Towing Capacity Up to 14,000 lbs
Payload Capacity 3,500 lbs
Exterior Material Cold-rolled stainless steel
Autopilot Available

It Can Tow Up To An Impressive 14,000 Pounds

Every variant of the Cybertruck can haul 3,500 pounds, mostly due to its air-suspension system which can keep the truck level even when loaded. Since each package offers different amounts of power, towing capacity will differ based on the drivetrain of your choice. The lowest towing number is found in the single-motor truck with a rating of 7500 pounds. The highest rating is offered with the tri-motor configuration and is a very impressive 14,000 pounds. In case you are wondering, hauling numbers are mostly limited by the chassis, suspension, axles, and brakes of a vehicle and not so much by its power. Since all Cybertrucks share the same platform, the hauling limit is the same across the range.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the towing and hauling world with the Cybertruck and electric vehicles in general. Sure, the numbers here are amazing; however, EVs have a huge drawback when it comes to towing. That drawback is the fact that their range falls much faster than when unloaded. Some EVs may use twice as much power to cover the same distance as they would if unloaded. Therefore, as you can imagine, this can present some charging inconveniences.

That being said, charging the truck is going to be as convenient as charging an EV can get, thanks to its 250-kilowatt charging capability. Tesla has also stated that they are aiming to engineer the Cybertruck in a way to handle the megawatt chargers Tesla semi-trucks are expected to use.

The Cybertruck Has A Secret Accessories Team

Tesla Cybertruck

Accessories aren’t the most important aspect of a truck that hasn’t been released yet; however, they can make a huge difference in the appeal of a pickup truck. The Cybertruck accessory team is internal to Tesla meaning that we might see some of the original accessories pitched in 2019. Since the Cybertruck packs a lot of stored energy, it would be incredibly cool to see a camper addition that turns the rear bed into a big pop-up tent. This will mean that campers will have access to onboard power from the bed ports and to a quick and comfortable camping setup.

Bi-Directional Charging Might Be Making A Debut

Bi-directional charging means that Tesla vehicles will be able to share power. This means that if one is running dry and the other is full, the full vehicle can be used to charge the empty one. We still aren’t fully certain that Bi-directional charging will be available, but according to previous statements from the company and rumors based on leaked images, there is a very high possibility that the system will make its first appearance on the Cybertruck.

Of course, this could have more benefits as your Cybertruck could now be used as a generator in case electricity gets cut off at home. Charging other cars isn’t expected to be the only function of this system.

High Chances The Initial Starting Price Of $39,900 Will Be Increased

Official pricing isn’t available yet. Back in 2019, when the Cybertruck was announced, Tesla showcased the model lineup, starting at $39,900 dollars and topping out at $69,000. No additional information has been provided since then, and it makes sense for Tesla to keep its promise. However, it may be highly unlikely that the original prices remain the same since a lot has changed in the automotive world since 2019.

Tesla Cybertruck Ford F-150 Lightning Chevrolet Silverado EV Rivian R1T
MSRP $39,900 (2019 announcement) $49,995 $74,800 $73,000
Horsepower 805 hp (Tri-Motor) 425 – 580 hp 510 – 664 hp 533 – 835 hp
Torque TBA 775 lb-ft 615 – 785 lb-ft 829 – 908 lb-ft
Battery Size TBA 98 – 131 kWh 200 kWh 105 – 180 kWh
Range 250 – 620 miles 230 – 320 miles 400 – 450 miles 270 – 400 miles
0-60 MPH 6.5 – 2.5 sec. 4.1 – 3.8 sec. 4.5 sec. (RST only) 4.5 – 3.0 sec.
Max Towing 15,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 11,000 lbs

Sure, Tesla now has competition in the electric truck market with vehicles available for under $50,000. Therefore, if the price does end up changing, it can’t change much.

Tesla Cybertruck Important Points

  • Configurations: The Cybertruck will come in single-motor, dual-motor, and tri-motor configurations, offering 250, 300, and 500 miles of range, respectively.
  • Performance: The tri-motor variant can reach 0-60 mph in a staggering 2.9 seconds, while the single-motor is not slouch at 6.5 seconds.
  • Off-Road Capability: Ground clearance stands at approximately 16 inches, with an approach angle of 33 degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees. These are some of the most impressive numbers on any pickup truck of the past and present.
  • Utility: Power outlets in the bed help customers deal with a variety of electrical needs, ranging from powering work tools to camping equipment.
  • Towing and Hauling: Varied towing capacities are offered based on the drivetrain, from 7,500 to 14,000 pounds. All variants can haul 3,500 pounds.
  • Charging Capability: The Cybertruck will support up to 250-kilowatt charging and is rumored to be compatible with Tesla’s future megawatt chargers used on Tesla Semi Trucks.
  • Bi-Directional Charging: This feature, if implemented, would allow Cybertrucks to act as a huge power supply that could even keep a house running in case of a brief power shortage.

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