Tesla reveals details about Model 3

Tesla reveals details about Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Highland

In a video posted on X, the electric vehicle maker showed off new features of the upgraded Model 3

Tesla unveiled more features of its new Model 3, said to be the first vehicle it has rolled out in China ahead of the U.S., as well as an updated version of its most popular Model Y this weekend.

In a post on its Tesla_Asia X account late Saturday night, the electric car maker said the updated, sportier Model 3 — first announced in September — will have customizable interior RGB accent lighting and “aggressive styling” but “familiar design elements.”

Its wind and noise reduction features allow its upgraded sound system to create an “immersive audio experience” for drivers and passengers, and its new touch screen, which can be used to adjust temperatures or watch videos, is similar to those of the Models S and X and available for backseat passengers.

The new Model 3 can drive up to 377 miles with every charge, and comes in two color options, red and gray. Tesla will begin making deliveries to customers in mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand in the fourth quarter, while buyers in Europe and the Middle East can get the vehicle between October and November.

Ever since we started delivering Model S in China many years ago, we knew that China was going to be an incredibly important market for us,” David Lau, the vice president of vehicle software at Tesla, said from Shanghai in the video on X, formerly known as Twitter. “We’re continuing to invest in developing leadership of our technical teams here.”

Immediately following that post, some Tesla fans asked about a possible facelift for the Model Y, and on Sunday the company released an updated version with small changes to its interior and exterior design, Reuters reported, citing a WeChat post from Tesla that was not accessible to The Messenger.

The company is set to report earnings on Monday.

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