Tesla revoked Model 3 owner’s license in Arizona

Tesla revoked Model 3 owner’s license in Arizona

Tesla Model 3 RWD

It was all based on faulty Carfax info.

Plenty of people have misgivings about connected cars, let alone Teslas, because automakers can just turn features off for the most capricious reasons. A woman in Scottsdale, Arizona is going through quite the ordeal that keeps her from using Superchargers and it’s all because the American car company sourced faulty info from Carfax.

Despite what some people seem to think, vehicle history profiles from services like Carfax are quite commonly riddled with inaccuracies, some bigger than others. Apparently, Tesla treats information from the service as gospel truth, because as AZ Family reports, the Tesla owner did some investigating and found Tesla blocked her from using Superchargers because Carfax had her vehicle listed as a salvage title.

When a Tesla or other EV has been in a serious accident, problems with the battery can result in a sudden fire when using rapid charging options like a Supercharger. Tesla was try to mitigate a perceived risk, only the information from Carfax was erroneously provided by an insurance company.

This is the problem with vehicle history services: oftentimes people get the VINs wrong when inputting info, or there are other transcription errors, and this causes big problems for people down the road. It’s also happened the other way around where the service says a vehicle has never been in an accident when in fact it suffered structural damage.

In this case, the Scottsdale woman’s Tesla Model 3 had been in a fender bender and wasn’t totaled. The woman contacted Carfax, which thankfully corrected the error after she provided proof from the collision center and insurance provider. However, Tesla still won’t unlock Supercharger privileges and won’t respond to the woman’s 30-plus emails.

Finally, it took AZ Family contacting Tesla for the automaker to respond, removing the Supercharger block. The fact nothing happened until the automaker faced embarrassment at the hands of a local news station is troubling, to say the least.

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