Elon Musk reveals the ‘real test’

Elon Musk reveals the ‘real test’

Elon Musk

During the weekend, Elon Musk shared the specific criteria he deems necessary for considering someone a friend.

What Happened: Musk’s revelation came as a response to an article penned by Scottish-American historian Niall Ferguson, who had described Musk as the Napoleon Bonaparte of our times.

In his piece for the Daily Mail, Ferguson recounted a past encounter with Musk in 2017, when they had met for a drink in California. During their conversation, Musk received a video call from one of his Tesla factories that appeared to be on fire.

According to Ferguson, Musk asked if it was important and hung up when the caller seemed unsure. He then advised Ferguson’s son not to go to South Africa for his gap year, a recommendation that later proved eerily prescient when the young man narrowly escaped a carjacking in Johannesburg.

This incident, Ferguson said, showcased a distinctive trait that sets Musk apart from ordinary individuals – his superhuman intuition.

Musk’s belief in this trait is evident as he explained to his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that he identifies with Napoleon in his leadership style, emphasizing the importance of appearing on the battlefield to motivate his teams.

In response to Ferguson’s article, Musk said, “The article misses the mark,” adding, “He barely knows me. Napoleon!? Please. We’ve had a few friendly discussions over the years, but my standard for considering someone a friend requires far more than that. And we have never worked together, which is the true test.”

Why It’s Important: In Isaacson’s latest biography on Musk, the biographer noted that the tech billionaire was once a lonely child. “He wanted to have friends, but just didn’t know how,” Musk’s mother told Isaacson.

While residing in Toronto, Musk is said to have followed his sister Tosca to gatherings and nightclubs, seeking connection within her vibrant social network.

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