Here’s where the Cybertruck beats the Ford F-150 Lightning

Here’s where the Cybertruck beats the Ford F-150 Lightning

Tesla’s Cybertruck is late to the party and also a bit weird, but it promises to be better than its rivals like the Ford Lightning in many areas.

The Tesla Cybertruck will be an unusual sight among its electric pickup rivals, and Tesla hopes its plethora of unique features will be enough to propel it ahead of its competition. The electric pickup truck segment is becoming very competitive, and one of the best offerings is the Ford F-150 Lightning. It is an EV pickup powerhouse in its own right, but when the Tesla arrives, its qualities and unique features could still give it an edge.

Let’s explore the areas where the Cybertruck is superior to the F-150 Lightning.

1. Rugged Stainless Steel Body for Added Durability

The Cybertruck doesn’t look like the EV pickup trucks you’re used to seeing, and a big reason for this is the material Tesla chose for its construction. The truck’s body is made from stainless steel, which makes up what Tesla calls the truck’s “exoskeleton”. No paint is applied, and this means that door dings and scratches might become a thing of the past if you own a Cybertruck.

There’s a running joke that the Cybertruck looks like a stainless steel kitchen appliance on wheels (and there is some merit to the memes), but it also looks extremely futuristic and rugged. It’s a vehicle that will be able to absorb sledgehammer impacts to its body panels with minimal issues; the Ford F-150 Lightning’s doors wouldn’t fare as well against a sledgehammer.

This was demonstrated by Elon Musk at the Cybertruck introduction years ago, when they took a sledgehammer to a Ford pickup truck’s door. The Ford door was absolutely destroyed, while the Cybertruck basically laughed off the sledgehammer strikes. The durability of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body is awesome, but it will be interesting to see just how hot the stainless steel body panels get under extreme summer heat.

2. Armored Windows for the Zombie Apocalypse

Does your Ford F-150 Lightning have armored windows from the factory? Nope. But the Tesla Cybertruck does, so it’s the ideal vehicle for the zombie apocalypse.

Everybody remembers Elon Musk’s embarrassing fiasco when demonstrating the Cybertruck’s armored windows, but the production model of the Cybertruck should deliver on Tesla’s promise of a truck equipped with super-strong glass that can resist significant impacts.

It’s not clear if the Ford F-150 Lightning will be available at some point with armored glass of its own, but until it does, the Tesla Cybertruck is shaping up to be the undisputed king of ultra-secure civilian vehicles when it goes on sale.

3. Integrated Air Compressor Adds Extra Utility

The Cybertruck will have an integrated air compressor that you can use to fill up your truck’s tires after going off-road or even pump some air into a basketball that’s gone a little flat. Onboard air is a really cool feature to have, and it’s a feature that the F-150 Lightning lacks, although it’s not unique in the EV pickup truck segment.

The feature-rich Rivian R1T already offers an integrated air compressor, and it’s neatly integrated into the bed of the truck as well. The Rivian and the Tesla both have advanced air suspensions, and, as a byproduct, they’re both able to offer compressed air.

Ford does offer an air compressor kit that you can outfit your F-150 Lightning with, but it’s not an elegant and integrated solution as promised on the Tesla or like what Rivian already implemented on its R1T.

4. 500 Miles of Range for Long Trips

The Ford F-150 Lightning has up to 320 miles of range, which is quite impressive considering it’s one of the heaviest electric vehicles currently on sale. But the Tesla will definitely outperform the Lightning when it’s released, with around 500 miles of range.

This impressive range will instantly make the Cybertruck one of the best EVs for overlanding when it hits the market, and it should also help diminish any range anxiety you might have. It wasn’t long ago that EVs were brushed aside as impractical due to their limited range, but with EVs like the Cybertruck breaking the 500-mile range barrier, this knock against EVs is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

5. Insane Acceleration

The Ford F-150 Lightning is no slouch when it comes to acceleration, especially considering it’s an enormous pickup truck. The electric Ford will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a very quick 3.8 seconds, but Tesla says the Cybertruck will complete the run in as little as 2.9 seconds.

This is quicker than many purpose-built sports cars like the BMW M3 Competition xDrive (3.4 seconds) or the Audi RS6 Avant Performance (3.3 seconds). It’s almost scary to imagine that the enormous (and extremely heavy) Cybertruck has the ability to gain speed at such a frenetic pace; hopefully Tesla outfits the production Cybertruck with brakes that are up to the task of stopping its massive pickup truck.

6. Unique Design Is Guaranteed to Turn Heads

The Tesla Cybertruck will have amazing performance, and it should be incredibly capable and practical. But what’s most polarizing about it is its design. It’s safe to say the Cybertruck might be the most anticipated new car release in decades, and this is mostly because of its controversial design.

On the other hand, the Ford F-150 Lightning looks almost exactly like a normal F-150, which isn’t a criticism (the F-150 is a handsome truck), but it’s not exciting by any stretch of the imagination.

The Cybertruck definitely wins when it comes to design, simply because it’s daring and evokes reactions (sometimes bad reactions, but it still gets people excited and talking).

7. Superb Towing Capacity

The F-150 Lightning is an absolute unit of an electric pickup truck that can tow up to 10,000 pounds. Of course, you won’t be able to tow something this heavy for very long before the battery gives up on you (towing cuts the available range by approximately half of what you’d normally get), but it’s still a great feature to have.

The Cybertruck not only beats the F-150 Lightning when it comes to range, it also bests the F-150’s 10,000-pound towing capacity with an incredible 14,000 pounds. This means the Cybertruck will be able to tow heavier loads for longer, which is great if you’re planning on using the Cybertruck as a workhorse truck.

8. Minimalist Sci-Fi Inspired Interior

The interior of the F-150 Lightning is typical Ford, which means it’s functional and very practical but low on style points. The Cybertruck will feature a minimalist interior that looks like it was pulled from the set of Tron, or perhaps even the latest Blade Runner film.

The only downside to the Cybertruck interior is that it appears the yoke will be standard, which might annoy some people who aren’t huge fans of Tesla’s attempt to reinvent the (steering) wheel.

The Cybertruck Promises to Be Unlike Anything Else on the Road

The Tesla Cybertruck is shaping up to be the pickup truck of the century, and, by all accounts, the production model seems to preserve the essence of the truck that was introduced a few years ago. It has tons of awesome features that make it stand out from the competition, and that includes the Ford F-150.

Tesla has had a lot of time to perfect the Cybertruck, but other manufacturers beat it to market with their own products. It will be interesting to see how the second-generation Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning respond to Cybertruck’s challenge.

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