Musk said Tesla owners

Musk said Tesla owners

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta access for its latest hardware, Hardware 4 (HW4), is set to face a significant delay, as confirmed by Elon Musk. This delay, expected to last about six months, has raised concerns among Tesla owners and prospective buyers, particularly those who have invested in the latest versions of Model S, Model X, and Model Y equipped with HW4.

The Delay and Its Implications

In a recent exchange on, a Tesla owner, @WholeMarsBlog, sought advice from Musk on which Tesla model to purchase, expressing concerns about being stuck without FSD beta access on HW4. Musk responded, clarifying that the “HW4 software will lag HW3 by at least another six months, as our focus needs to be on getting FSD on HW3 working super well and provided internationally.”

This means that while HW3 vehicles will continue to receive FSD updates, Teslas equipped with HW4 will not gain beta access to these advanced self-driving features for at least another half-year. This strategic move underlines Tesla’s approach of refining and deploying FSD features on HW3 before extending them to the latest hardware.

Concerns About Pre-Paid FSD Beta Access

Musk’s announcement sparked a flurry of questions from Tesla enthusiasts, many of whom inquired about refunds or credits for those who pre-paid for FSD beta access or subscribed to FSD beta subscriptions with HW4 vehicles. As these owners won’t have access to the software for at least six months, possibly longer, there is growing concern about the value of their investment.

Additionally, Tesla has recently allowed a one-time transfer of FSD to a new vehicle in the third quarter. However, if the new vehicle is equipped with HW4, FSD beta won’t be available, making it a tough pill to swallow for those who have become accustomed to the convenience of FSD beta.

Uncertainty Around HW4 Capabilities

While driving FSD v12, Musk mentioned that it was running on HW3. It is still unclear whether his comment means that it will take six months for HW4 vehicles to receive FSD beta access or if it will take that long for HW4 to catch up to HW3 in all aspects that were on display in the V12 demonstration.

While it is clear that Tesla is prioritizing the refinement of FSD on HW3, the implications for those who have invested in HW4 vehicles and FSD beta access remain uncertain. As the wait for more advanced self-driving features continues, Tesla owners and prospective buyers must consider the trade-offs associated with the latest hardware and software offerings.

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