Tesla’s Model 3 Highland: Latest Rumors and Speculation

Tesla’s Model 3 Highland: Latest Rumors and Speculation

All eyes on Tesla have been focused on the bright, shiny, stainless steel object, the Cybertruck. Still, the company is nearing the release of another industry-shaking move, the Model 3 refresh – Highland. As the anticipation builds, we have collated the most recent updates from various trusted sources to bring you the latest on what could be a game-changer for the electric vehicle market.


A tweet from Tesla China Analyst, @teslashanghai, praises the Highland project, noting that the new Model 3’s design looks “very attractive,” even more so than the Model S. The refreshed version boasts sleek new headlights that have caught the eye of enthusiasts. In another tweet, Chris Zheng quoted a Tesla Chinese employee who confirmed that the actual car looked “very close, with almost no difference” to the expected design.


The Highland project has moved beyond the trial production phase, with production ramp-up and stress testing slated to begin on August 25th. By early September, Tesla aims to reach a daily production capacity of approximately 1,200 units, as shared by @teslashanghai.


Contrary to some expectations, a new rumor says Highland will feature HW 3.5, not 4.0, which seems counterintuitive. Tesla now delivers the new Model S, Model X and some Model Ys with hardware 4.0. Given that hardware 3 can’t easily be swapped for hardware 4.0 due to physical characteristics, this rumor appears unlikely unless Tesla was under extreme supply constraints.


One of the exciting aspects of Project Highland is its potential to reduce manufacturing costs, thanks to single-piece casting, reduced wiring harnesses, and new materials. However, the expected pricing will be approximately 27,000 USD, as estimated by Tesla China Analyst. They aren’t clear in their post, but this is assumed to be their estimate of manufacturing costs instead of the price of the vehicle. Even so, this is thousands of dollars cheaper than the current Model 3 manufacturing costs.

The Highland would be welcomed with open arms by the market. Tesla China Analyst went as far as to predict an “explosive increase in orders,” given the vehicle’s impressive overall package.


New rumors point to Project Highland being available soon. Sources state that the Model 3 Highland will be displayed in Chinese Tesla stores at the end of August. Mysteriously covered cars parked at Giga-Shanghai might be the new Model 3s, although confirmation is still pending. However, there are several signs that Tesla is about to open the doors for the new Model 3, as detailed in an earlier story.

With the Tesla Model 3 Highland, Tesla continues its innovation and disruptive design tradition. The reported changes, from appearance to hardware, signal a continued push towards affordability without compromising quality. The Tesla Model 3 Highland represents not just a car but a statement, a vision, and possibly, the new standard in electric mobility.

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