Should Tesla abandon its Model X

Should Tesla abandon its Model X

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Relax, don’t get your satin Tesla booty shorts in a knot. This article explores the role of Tesla’s Model X, especially in the wake of the new Standard Range Model X and Model S. With the company’s diversification, it’s worth asking if the Model X still fits into Tesla’s line-up.

Tesla’s Model X had its Time

We all know that Model X picked up the momentum that Tesla had already created with the Model S, introducing an SUV with falcon wing doors. However, times have changed, and Tesla is now a major player, having flipped the automotive industry on its frunk. With the Model S and X combined equalling just 5% of overall deliveries in the second quarter and new models on the horizon, the Model X’s position may be redundant.

A Stirring Discussion: Model X vs Model Y

Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt wrote a post on that made me wonder what the point of the Model X is when the Model Y is so close, even better in some ways, and less expensive. His tweet stirred up a robust discussion on the pros and cons of each model. In a series of tweets, Merritt extolled the virtues of the Model Y Long Range, praising its price point of $50,490, which he noted was a $38k saving over the Model X SR. The extended 330-mile range, the 4.8-second acceleration from 0-60mph, and eligibility for a $7.5k EV tax credit were other high points that he touted.

The comparison didn’t just stop at highlighting the advantages of Model Y; it also drew attention to the Standard Range Model X’s shortcomings. At $88,490 with a shorter 269-mile range and ineligibility for the EV tax credit.

The reaction was swift and varied, with some users agreeing with Sawyer and others exploring ways to enhance the Model Y even further. But the conversation also turned to the unmatched features of the Model X, like those amazing falcon-wing doors, the valet doors, the rear screen and the instrument cluster.

Model X, Cybertruck, Model Y

The discourse broadened into what Tesla could do to make both cars more appealing. Some speculated about selling the Model X at a lower price to capture a tax credit or offering software unlocks for added capacity. In contrast, others focused on the benefits of the SR Model X’s charging capabilities.

The Cybertruck may also compete with Model X. It has the space and the wow factor that Model X owners love. Meanwhile, Model Y continues to improve, and besides no falcon wing doors, it’s a suitable and affordable alternative.

Please engage in the conversation. The debate underscores the importance of knowledgeable readers and fans of Tesla. A well-placed comparison can spark meaningful reflection on what makes a car truly appealing and what is best for Tesla in the future.

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