Mark Cuban criticizes Elon Musk again

Mark Cuban criticizes Elon Musk again

Elon Musk and Mark Cuban

These two billionaires are not best buds

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has his share of devoted fans, he also has his fair share of the opposite — people that are less than convinced of his greatness.

While Musk’s takeover of Twitter and its transformation into X, his long-envisioned “everything app”, has been far from a smooth one, the changes he’s implemented are bold and big. Some really like the changes he is making, while others murmur in the comments about how he’s ruining the platform.

One high-profile billionaire has never been afraid to criticize Musk’s choices: “Shark Tank” investor and Cost Plus Drugs owner Mark Cuban. In the past, Cuban has tagged Musk into X posts asking for answers to the way Musk’s changes to the platform work, often getting no response (although Musk did reply to him once).

His latest criticism comes in the form of a retweet on Aug. 16 of an explainer thread from X user NFTGod, who details what he learned about how the X algorithm has changed since Musk took over the platform by diving deep into the code.

He explains a host of changes, including being rewarded for replying to tweets often, posting more video, and posting about breaking news/hashtags often.

While Cuban did not make any comment on the retweet itself, sending it out certainly reads like a tongue-in-cheek form of his ongoing criticism of Musk. While Cuban is still active on X, he has also taken to Mark Zuckerberg’s anti-Musk platform Threads and continues to post there regularly.

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