Elon Musk pleases the crypto community

Elon Musk pleases the crypto community

U.Today – The “X boss” has published a post, stating that he and his team are striving to turn the former Twitter into “the best platform for creators around the world.”

Several large accounts focused on XRP and Dogecoin, as well as smaller ones, responded immediately. They stated to Musk that they would like to be paid in crypto, their favorite coins — XRP and DOGE — in particular.

About a week ago, this topic was also raised by the community as the rumor spread about Elon Musk’s platform issuing a native “X coin.” Musk then commented on them, refuting those rumors and stating clearly that the company does not intend to create

So far, the company is paying out part of its revenue income to creators in fiat money, but the community is not losing hope and keeps asking Musk to implement crypto payments on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Musk also made it clear that he does not plan to launch any internal service for trading stocks and cryptocurrencies on X, contrary to several media articles.

The tech tycoon has recently rebranded Twitter as X, the “everything app.” For the convenience of content creators, he has added the opportunity for them to publish long reads and also integrated a feature for streaming videos.

Still, the plans that were announced before the Twitter acquisition — to integrate Dogecoin for payments — have not come true yet. After a recent X post about , the DOGE community began speculating that their dream would be finally realized.

However, this was about X not keeping any percentage of creators’ rewards until the threshold of payouts exceeds $100,000.

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