Elon Musk says headquarters won’t move

Elon Musk says headquarters won’t move

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  • Elon Musk says he has no plans to move Twitter, now X, out of San Francisco.
  • He said Twitter’s headquarters will stay put despite a “doom spiral” currently affecting the city.
  • San Francisco has lost a string of retailers and major companies in the last year.

Elon Musk says his Twitter rebrand won’t include a change of address.

The billionaire took to Twitter, now X, this weekend to announce that the company’s headquarters is staying put in San Francisco despite what he referred to as a “doom spiral” currently affecting the California city. Musk said he wasn’t planning to uproot the company’s headquarters even though he’s been receiving “rich incentives” to relocate.

He said in the post: “You only know who your real friends are when the chips are down. San Francisco, beautiful San Francisco, though others forsake you, we will always be your friend.”

San Francisco has lost a string of retailers and major companies in the last year. In April, Whole Foods announced it was closing its locations across the city, citing employee safety, while retail companies Anthropologie and H&M have also packed up and abandoned the city.

The California city has also seen tech companies drastically reduce their presence in the once-buzzy location. Meta, PayPal, and Snap have all slashed their San Francisco office space in recent years. The city is also facing a commercial real estate crisis and a devastating homelessness problem.

Musk has spoken out about the issuls gripping the city before. In May he called downtown San Francisco, where Twitter’s HQ is located, a “derelict zombie apocalypse.” The billionaire said the “once beautiful and thriving” area had become a “disaster.”

In the past, lawmakers in both Miami and Florida have encouraged Musk to relocate Twitter’s headquarters out of San Francisco in order to bring jobs to their own states.

Representatives for Twitter did not respond to Insider’s query with a comment that addressed the question.

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