Power reserve Tesla Model 3 will increase due to the battery

Power reserve Tesla Model 3 will increase due to the battery

The Tesla Model 3 Project Highland edition might significantly increase in range thanks to Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited’s (CATL) M3P lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery.

Rumors in China have circulated that Tesla plans to use CATL’s M3P batteries for revamped Model 3 RWD under Project Highland. Local Chinese media reported that CATL’s M3P battery has an upgraded capacity of 66 kWh.

As of this writing, the Model 3 RWD in the United States has an EPA-estimated range of 272 miles. In China, the Model 3 RWD has an estimated range of 556 kilometers (345 miles) based on the CLTC standard. The Tesla Model 3’s sold in China have a battery pack with a 60 kWh capacity.

In August 2022, CATL’s chairman noted that MP3 batteries have improved energy density between 10% to 20% compared to LFP cells currently on the market. CATL estimates that its M3P batteries can run 700 km (430 miles) on a single charge. For comparison, the Model 3 Long Range sold in the United States has an EPA-range estimate of 333 miles.

CATL’s M3P batteries are also expected to cost significantly less than nickel and cobalt-based cells. As such, the revamped Model 3s under Project Highland might be more affordable and have more range.

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