2026 Rivian R2 unveiled

2026 Rivian R2 unveiled

The 2026 Rivian R2 just arrived, increasing Rivian’s lineup to three separate models by joining the R1T and R1S. It’s a two-row, five-seat SUV starting at $45,000 meant to compete with other stalwarts of this segment like the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E and many others. However, as you’d expect from Rivian, it has an off-road and adventurous twist.

That means a rugged box-like design that makes it look very much like a more compact R1S. It retains the signature, chunky light bar and upright oval-shaped headlights in front and the lower bumper features a pair of prominent tow hooks. And then under the hood, it has a sizable frunk like the other Rivian models. Along the side, you get pop-out door handles, simple body sculpting and a flat roof all the way to the rear. The rear quarter windows pop out for, and the rear window can be dropped, too. Once around back, you’ll notice the signature Rivian light bar and a small “R2” badge in the lower corner.

The interior looks familiar – it has a pair of screens with a large infotainment touchscreen and a smaller digital instrument cluster in front of the driver running Rivian’s in-house software. Jokingly, CEO RJ Scaringe said one point of feedback for the R1 products was the lack of a glovebox. In response, it gave the R2 two(!) gloveboxes. We should also expect the same level of hands-free highway driving as what’s present in the R1T and R1S by way of 11 cameras and 5 radars, says Rivian.

All of the limited powertrain specs that Rivian just dropped are super promising. There will be three different versions: single-motor RWD, dual-motor AWD and tri-motor AWD. Rivian claims each version will be capable of over 300 miles of range. Plus, the tri-motor has a promised 0-60 mph time under 3.0 seconds. Rivian also says it’s using a new battery technology it calls 4695. It’s a cylindrical cell that is much larger than the battery cells Rivian uses for its R1S and R1T.

We don’t have prices for all the trims right now, but Scaringe ended his presentation about the R2 by saying its starting price will be $45,000. Deliveries are scheduled for the beginning of 2026 and will take place at its production facility in Normal, Illinois.

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