2021 Tesla Model Y Refresh Fixes Common Complaint

Tesla Model Y
The refreshed Tesla Model Y is hitting U.S. showrooms now. And it fixes one of the most common gripes cited by owners.

tl;dr: glossy finish replaced with matte finish on center console in addition to other tweaks.

One of the most oft-cited complaints of YouTube reviews and Tesla forum postings is the Model Y’s glossy piano black* center console. Ditto on the Model 3. While gorgeous to look at in its pristine showroom-floor state, it is a fingerprint magnet, easy to scratch, and demands constant cleaning.

The console is such a common gripe that it begat a cottage industry of console covers that converted the piano black into an easier-to-maintain matte black.

Well, that has been fixed by Tesla. The most recent Model Y refresh creeping into Tesla stores comes with a non-glossy matte black center console, according to reports this week from new owners (via Teslarati). The console also gets a sliding door replacing the previous design that folded in. The top section, where the phone charger is, has also changed (via Electrek).

Tesla refreshes can be a little confusing

Tesla, by all appearances, makes changes on the fly. So prospective buyers never know what changes will show up when.

And it gets even more confusing between the Model 3 and Model Y. The Model 3 and Model Y are similar cars in many respects. So, sometimes the Model 3 gets features first introduced on the Model Y and sometimes vice versa.

For example, the refreshed Tesla Model 3 got things from the Model Y such as “chrome delete” (black replaces the chrome door handles and window trim), a heat pump, and power trunk.

And the Model Y has gotten things first introduced on the Model 3 such as auto-dimming side mirrors and double-pane window glass.

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